Friday, October 31, 2014


We arrived here at our winter hangout about noon today.  We travelled 2750 kms (1719 miles) since leaving the Shuswap.  We travelled on nine days, hung out for six nights in Penticton before crossing the border, stayed three nights in Mountain Home, ID then seven nights in Alamo, NV and two nights in Congress, AZ.  This was out most leisurely trip south yet.  Our longest travel day was 521 kms (326 miles) which most of the crew thought was too far. 
I think the carport was the dirtiest I’ve seen so far since we’ve been coming here so I guess that is a result of some of the severe storms that went through in the summer.  I swept and vacuumed then hosed it all down, sweating profusely since it was over 90F.  Both ATVs have been started, the foil shades removed in the park model, power and water turned on and lots more organized.  I also did five loads of laundry before supper.   There was lots of chatting with friends who have already arrived.

October may have been the hottest on record here but the forecast has the temperatures dropping considerably over the weekend.  I enjoyed the hot tub and pool tonight and Aileen found the pool temperature to be good for her, too.
No photos today. 

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