Monday, October 20, 2014


We have stayed three nights here in Mountain Home, ID and I have been out geocaching both yesterday and today.  I have mostly done my caching by bicycle, riding for a few kms then coming back and moving the car up.  Certainly one way to get some exercise.  I do get to better experience the country though.  Both areas I cached in had very little traffic so very peaceful and the weather was superb although a little too warm this afternoon.
We have changed our travel plans again and are now thinking a spending a few days in the Alamo, Nevada area giving the weather in Caliente a chance to cool off a bit.

My trusty bike out in the middle of nowhere

This is the Owyhee backroad scenic byway and this road runs all the way to Jordan Valley over in Oregon.  It turns to gravel just beyond the curve in the distance.

Bev Mc, here's a #2 maple leaf for Pearl

Looking back toward the NE from where I turned around on the scenic byway.  All the above shots were taken with my Canon 6D
The rest of the following are from my Canon SX50

A computer screen grab shot showing a very creative geocaching series.  All those green and a few yellow treasure chests are individual geocaches.  There are over 800 making up the train and puffs of smoke/steam.The line of them curving around the bottom are where I was working today.  The dark green squares and circles in the top right are irrigated hay fields.

A little ground squirrel I met today

He is a White-Tailed Antelope Squirrel

I also met this pronghorn just after getting onto the gravel part of the road

Or was it a Unicorn I saw?

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