Thursday, May 22, 2014


An Iris in a front yard as we were walking past the other morning

A wild Honeysuckle along the roadside

We went to the fish market at French Creek the other morning and later took a walk along the pier

We met some cousins in Nanaimo for a long visiting lunch yesterday.  Bill came down from Campbell River while 89 year old Pat and Irene drove up from Victoria.  It was about a one and a half hour drive for both.  We were the lucky ones and were only about half an hour.  After we'd been chatting for over two hours, the waitress cheekily asked if we were ready for supper.  The restaurant was not crowded so she wasn't concerned that we were overstaying our welcome.  
All the photos are from my new Canon SX50 so you can see I'm enjoying it.  It is so light to carry that I take it whenever I go walking where I would tend to leave my large SLR behind unless I was fairly assured there would be something worthwhile to shoot.  So far, I am getting quite a few fuzzygraphs so there are more to delete than I've been used to.  At least with digital you can see right away if you've missed the shot.  I think back to the days when I shot 35mm slide film and when I went on a trip, I'd come back with 40 or more rolls of 36 exposures and you had no idea what turned out.  Sometimes, you were pleasantly surprised by how many good shots there were and other times it was heartbreaking.   I imagine some of you remember those days.
We have Charlie and Sheila's place to ourselves for a couple weeks as they have gone to Alberta to visit #2 son Wayne and Sandy.   Charlie will give Wayne some help finishing his basement while there. We have chickens, cows, a dog and a cat to keep an eye on and gardens to water, lawns to cut and the other things that go with having rural property.   

I spotted these large fungi while out geocaching a couple days ago

I spotted this spider's lair while climbing a steep mountain path on my way to a geocache

A nice Laburnum Tree on our walk yesterday

A wild rabbit on our walk yesterday morning

I felt eyes upon me as we were walking by

Not sure if this is a wild violet or a domestic one gone wild.  Found in a ditch on our walk this morning

Red Columbine

Two baby Hummingbirds in a nest at my sister's place, stopped to peek at them on our walk this morning

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