Monday, March 24, 2014


We were on the road just before 8 this morning but had to make a stop right off for gas which took the better part of twenty minutes.  We made 538 kms so we are ahead of our required average which is good. Tomorrow should put us somewhere in Oregon and over the possible snow zone of Siskiyou Pass.  Perhaps we can relax the pace a bit then.  I imagine we will run into rain eventually as we get further north.  I'm finding i have more free time with not having my own computer.
We are at a Good Sam park in Yuba City tonight which was picked solely because it was about the right distance we thought we could do today.  We drove up Hwy 99 from Bakersfield to Stockton then crossed over to I-5 to Sacramento where we picked up 99 again.  In hindsight, we should have taken Hwy 46 across to Lost Hills and hooked onto I-5 much earlier.  I remember saying that last trip now, but forgot this morning.  This stretch of 99 seems to be pretty quiet and smooth so hopefully it continues that way up to Red Bluff where we will rejoin I-5 tomorrow.  There were a lot of rough stretches on 99 below Stockton.

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