Sunday, March 23, 2014


We had a fabulously quiet and peaceful night and after going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, we have made it to Bakersfield, CA.   This was one of our longer travel days putting on nearly 600 kms.  Now we only need to average 450 kms for the next four days to get us to our object of Port Angeles by Thursday.  Next challenge is to get over Siskiyou Pass on bare pavement.  Aileen drove us down the Tehachapi Hill today adding that experience to her driving skills.  That was so I could take photos of the beautiful green hills that have mocked me every time in years past.  Guess what?  There was no green this year.  I'm guessing they didn't get any rain when it was needed so quite disappointing to see just brown hills.  As we came down into the valley, the smog/haze was gross, you could hardly see the orange groves.  The orange blossoms are very aromatic here in the park.  Every tree is covered in bloom.

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