Sunday, March 2, 2014


As the weathermen had predicted for over a week, we got some much needed rain almost on schedule.  The rain actually started about 6 am Saturday in fits and starts but by 8 am it was bucketing down.  This is Spring Fling week here in Caliente and the parade is normally on this Saturday but with the ugly forecast, the decision was made a few days earlier to postpone it for a week.  Good call!  At 10:10 , about when the parade would be coming past our place, it was pouring and the wind was blowing.  It calmed down towards noon and the afternoon was fairly pleasant.  We did get more rain overnight and today was a mix of sun and cloud.
We did the same as last Sunday and took our supper out into the desert with the RZR.  It was a little cooler than expected today so I wished I’d taken warmer clothes.  We managed to walk in the desert behind the park this morning as the soil had mostly dried enough.  On our way home, I happened to glance behind us and spotted two large Javalinas crossing the road about 300 feet away.  They didn’t stay in view long but we sure got a good look.

Last Friday we went to Florence Gardens after supper for the Ice Cream Social.  The Saddle Strings from Howard, CO were the featured band and I thought they were pretty good.  They played quite a mixture of songs from country to 60’s rock.   One of the band ladies got me up for a waltz in front of the crowd which was fun.  We’ve had a couple of card games with friends and I took advantage of the stay inside weather yesterday to finish proofing and printing another year of my Mom’s diary.  The year 1996 ended on page 4,990!  That’s been a lot of paper and covers fifty years of my family’s life from just before my parents married.  There is close to ten more years to go as Mom continued with the diary until shortly after she went into care.  Somewhere along there we will get to where she started to mentally decline and it will be difficult to continue.  Aileen and I have been typing Mom’s diaries for over eighteen years off and on. 
Last Thursday was our ATV club's desert clean up day.  Aileen drove while I hopped out and filled a couple large bags then we had a wiener roast for lunch.  Aileen was even able to have a couple wieners as the group had purchased gluten free.  

This was during one of our "showers" on Saturday

Just as the rain was easing off but the street was still full of water

An hour or so after the above photo

Taken on our RZR ride this afternoon

Box Canyon

The next four images were taken this afternoon just above Box Canyon on the Martinez Mine Rd.  This is some of my favourite scenery in this area

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