Saturday, March 22, 2014


After making a quick decision Wednesday night to move up our departure date from the next Thursday to this Saturday, we got into high gear with packing and organizing.  We had planned to close up the park model trailer after our friends left on Monday but they offered to do the last minute stuff for us.  I had an oil change booked for next Tuesday for the motor home but the garage was able to fit it in yesterday.
My cousin’s husband passed away back in November and there is a celebration of his life on March 30th in Victoria that we plan to attend.  Hence, the reason to hasten our departure and speed our trip.  We have around 2800-2900 kms to cover and today we managed 373.   We need to up those numbers for the next six days to make that work for us.  We did spend six hours overall today but one hour was lunch and naps then two rest stops and later a gas stop.
This has been by far the nicest weather winter we’ve had in our six years of coming south.  As one of my neighbour’s said the other day, this winter has been better than any summer he can remember in the Pacific Northwest.  It has been so dry in this neck of the woods that there are far fewer flowers this spring.

Yesterday, I managed to drop my computer a couple feet onto the hard motor home floor and I think it is ruined.  The screen comes up white when first turned on then goes totally black.   I will be without it until getting back to BC so will try to use Aileen’s for what I can.  All my photography is on my laptop so that’s out of commission now.  I have most files backed up on an external hard drive except for the most recent.  As a result, my next few posts won’t have any photos.  Of course, all my self loading websites are lost for now as well.   Hopefully, I will find someone to rescue all my files to transfer to a new computer.   

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