Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It’s been a long dry spell since my last post.  I didn’t want to bore everyone with our numerous trips to Salmon Arm doing all the little things that need to be done when we’re here.   We did have a high spot yesterday helping our daughter celebrate her birthday.  We bought take out Thai food which was tasty.  Aileen had made a gluten free cake which was very tasty.  I’ve used the hot tub twice at Bev’s and Aileen had enjoyed two baths in her full size tub.  Our motor home tub is too small for anything but showers.  I think that is still the main thing we miss from our last house.  We had a two person tub and used it most nights as our little gathering spot.
Since I had some difficulty getting travel insurance this past winter because I hadn’t had a medical in a couple years, I had the doctor give me the full treatment last week.  Our regular doctor is in South Africa showing off the kids to the grandparents so we had a retired doctor who was very nice to talk to.  I haven’t heard back on the blood work yet.
We took our taxes in last week and we’ll get the results Thursday.  That’s always depressing!   We are in need of new CPAP machines so we have started that process.  We went in for a consult last week and now have to send the quotes away for approval by our medical insurance providers. 
We are in the process of trying to put together a trip to Vancouver Island next month.   We have an invitation to a 50th anniversary party in Campbell River and Aileen is more than ready for some grandchild time with Georgia in Victoria.  We are just taking the car so it means more organizing than we normally have to do.
I’ve been doing a bit of geocaching.  I went to one today that was a little more of a hike and found out how out of shape I am.  I had been up to the White Lake Overlook five years ago with two of my brothers in law.  One was in to geocaching then while the other two of us have taken it up more recently.  With this cold weather we’ve been having, I was pleasantly surprised to see some Indian Paintbrush blooming up on the bluff.  While the view was pretty nice, the cold wind wasn’t, so I didn’t spend too long at the viewpoint.
Aileen gave me a much needed haircut yesterday morning.  She was in to her favourite hairdresser the other day for a good haircut.  She finds it a challenge getting a good cut while on the road.  Aileen has been enjoying renewing friendships with her church people as well as catching up with other friends.

A Panama licence plate isn't something you see very often.  Spotted this one in Mesa, AZ

I took Mitzy for a walk along the Salmon Arm waterfront on Sunday morning

The Salmon Arm wharf, a favourite walking spot

Jim saved this pile for us to burn

Aileen was gathering weeds for the fire

This is Little White Lake.  Salmon Arm is through the notch on the left between the blue mountains.  We are at the far end of the lake.

We are just to the left of the willow trees where the creek is leaving the lake but we're hiding behind the fir trees.  The Trans Canada Hwy is this side of the grain fields in the background

Indian Paintbrush

Almost beside the other plants, this paintbrush is much lighter in colour


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. Realized we haven't had full physicals in a number of years, either, so probably a good idea even if it is for insurance, thanks for posting about that. Hope to see you soon.