Friday, April 12, 2013


We arrived back in the Shuswap yesterday afternoon after driving up from Penticton.  I’d washed the car in Penticton to get all the grit off from the snow zones we drove through.  Would you believe we had one section of about 3-4 kms where it rained enough to make the car dirty again?  Grrr!!!
We are parked at Jacquie and Jim’s in their nice RV pad with full hookups.  We went to town this morning and did a big whack of laundry at a laundromat.  I went to Telus and upgraded our cell phone minutes.  I also bought a Sierra Wireless Jetpack type air card/modem and retired our little single air card.  We got spoiled down south using the Verizon Jetpack where we could both be online at the same time.  Now we can again.  It creates much more harmony in the household, let me assure you.  The new aircard must have a much better antenna.  The old one could barely get three bars of 3G while the new one is giving us four bars of 4G, with both using the Wilson Sleek.  We couldn’t get a usable signal on the old air card without using the Sleek booster.
Maurice and Dian joined us and Jacquie and Jim tonight for a game of Sets followed by an introductory game of Spinner. Maurice won Sets and Jacquie was top in Spinner followed by Dian one point behind.
The weather makes me wish I was still in AZ.  Most of the day the temperature was only 3C and fairly wet.  At one point there were big fluffy snowflakes mixed with the rain.  
We got our mail from daughter Bev, our home base keeper, so now we have to get our income taxes done asap and get up to date with medical appointments etc.  There will be other items of business to attend to during our stay as well.  The motor home needs a good cleaning and everything emptied out of the basement and some unnecessary items sent to storage.  For some reason we seem to be bulging at the seams again.
No pictures this post.

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