Monday, April 8, 2013


We were on the road shortly after 8:30 heading for the border.  The road was very quiet, such a treat.  We were both nervous as usual but the young guy at the border was great.   He was very understanding about the replacement batteries and charge controller.   It was a pleasant experience. 
We got up above the snow line a couple times but the road was dry all the way except for the rain showers we drove through.  We did have a bit of sleet for one short stretch and very thick fog for a few kilometers.  We stopped at the rest stop in the trees on Anarchist Mtn and Mitzy had a ball playing in the new snow which I imagine fell yesterday.  We had our lunch there.  It was a pretty laid back ride all the way to Penticton.  Aileen called Karen for her address so she could put it in the GPS which simplified getting there.  The driveway was still good and clear so easy to back in.  I had to prune a few at the back right corner of the motor home to get far enough onto the lawn.
We went to Theo’s a nice Greek restaurant here in Penticton to celebrate our return home.  We are going to stay here for a few days and visit some friends before heading up to Salmon Arm.

Here's some pictures of a very happy pup who enjoys a few minutes in snow

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  1. That doesn't look much like a desert dog!

    Welcome home to the north -- see you soon, we hope!