Sunday, April 7, 2013


We were a little slower with our routine this morning.  It was about 9:20 when we hit the road.  We had to back track about 4 miles to get to the road I wanted then we groaned our way up the long hill.  We did pull in to the viewpoint overlooking Lewiston/Clarkston and there was a tiny bit of sun for a minute.  The pulp mill in Lewiston was pretty obnoxious yesterday as we approached Lewiston and this morning at the campsite.
We had terrible winds through most of the Palouse and at Steptoe, we unhooked the car and zipped up Steptoe Butte.  The wind was incredible all around the butte so most of my shots were taken out the window.  There were signs stating you needed an Evergreen Pass to access the butte.  I must investigate that since they don’t sell it there.
There was no wind at all going through Spokane but we did have lots of rain there as well as most other areas.  We had planned to stay at Panorama RV in Kettle Falls but what a dump!!  We are at Grandview RV Park just on the west end of Kettle Falls and have stayed here once before in a trailer and once in the motel part.  We managed to get set up and walk Mitzy without any rain.
We should be across the border into BC within an hour tomorrow morning.

The view out our front window at Catfish Junction RV Park.  The Snake River is just visible behind the pumphouse

Lewiston, Idaho on the left side of the Snake
River and Clarkston, Washington on the right.  No we did not drive the corkscrew road!

A few shots from Steptoe Butte

I was surprised to see these wind turbines, so much for the classic view in that direction!

Would that be the Devil's Tail?

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  1. Nice pictures, Johnnie (as always). A veritable feast for the eyes.