Saturday, December 29, 2012


We thought we had a few more days left before our tanks filled up but yesterday morning the black tank proved otherwise.  Since we had sort of been planning to move closer to Quartzsite when we needed to dump, we went ahead and made the move.  Jim and I rode the ATVs the fifteen or so miles and the ladies brought both toads over.  We left the truck and ATVs in our new chosen spot and all went back in the car to the motor homes for lunch. 
After lunch, we completed preparing for travel then went just a couple miles down to the Bouse Community Park to empty our tanks and fill up with fresh water.  In no time, we were set up in our new spot near the two mile marker on Plomosa Rd.
We all went to Parker this morning for groceries and a few other items.  We both picked up little propane heaters to use heating our motor homes these cool evenings and mornings.  We continue to have very cool nights and heavy frost in the mornings.   They should use far less propane than our furnaces and no electricity.  The furnace is a real glutton for both propane and power consumption.  Now we just need to drill a hole in the floor to bring the propane connection in for the heater to use.  We’re going to try the heater tonight using a small propane cylinder screwed onto the side of the heater.  This is the way the heaters are made to be used but that can get expensive after a while.  Using propane from the main tank which is bought in bulk should prove far cheaper.
Shortly after the New Year, Aileen and I plan to take the car and zip back to Florence for a night or two.  Aileen has to have a medical for her BC driver’s licence done asap.  Daughter Bev mailed the form to us and it arrived this morning in Florence.  Aileen can get the medical done at the walk in clinic at the entrance to our park.  This way we can also pick our (and Jacquie and Jim’s) mail and tie up a few loose ends.  It will use a lot less gas than running the motor home over and back as we were planning to be back in Quartzsite around the middle of January.

Thursday evening, the night before the full moon

Thursday night again.  The easiest way to shoot the full moon is the night before as it rises before dark. 

Up on the roof at our new spot at 2 mile on the Plomosa Rd

Our view south east

Our view to the south

Our home site

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