Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We shared supper preparations with Jacquie and Jim and a most bountiful feast was set upon the table.   Aileen and I cooked the turkey in the electric roaster using the Honda generator outside.  With the cool temperature, it took longer than anticipated but it was done to perfection.  Jacquie and Jim did lots of different vegetables and Aileen made a tasty dessert. 
I went out on my ATV this afternoon and explored some new and pretty neat country.  I found eight geocaches along the way and ran out of time before I had to haul for home before dark.  I must try to get back and have another look at the rest of the area I bypassed.
When we got home from Jacquie and Jim’s last night where we’d played Mexican Train after supper (Jim won followed closely by Aileen) I had an email from a couple parked about 5 miles up the road.  They were interested in getting more information on the Wilson Sleek and trucker antenna and wondered if they could come by.  J D and Becki came this morning and we had a delightful couple hours chatting about our chosen lifestyle.  They are full timing in a 39 foot Winnebago Adventurer.  

Cooking the turkey.  The cat crate does double duty

Our nearest neighbour this morning

The Vicksburg compass.  Visible from the air, it supposedly assisted airplane navigation in the old days

This actually spells Vicksburg when viewed from the other side.  Again, only visible from the air.  It looks like both enclosures were protected by cables through the posts.

Not sure if this was a stone house or if it had a different purpose.

This retired mine was below the stone structure.

This large arch was above the stone structure.

Looking down from the arch.

Looking south from the arch.

A shot from the Plomosa Road late this afternoon looking southeast.

A telephoto shot of our motor homes this evening as I arrived home.  The buildings in the background are about two miles away.

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