Monday, December 17, 2012


The new toilet and the floor extending into the bathroom.  Can't get this picture now as I have the door frames and door are on.

The finished floor

With a big sigh of relief from all parties, I’m pleased to say the flooring project is over.  A bit thank you goes out to Jim for his help with the caulking, toilet and tap install and the slide facia trim.  I managed to bumble through the flooring install once Jim got me started.  Jim also came and helped put the furniture back in.  The bolts for the two front seats tuned into a three person job.  Jim and I were both needed to get a couple of the nuts on the bolts while Aileen had to hold them down from up above as they just kept pushing up out of our reach.  We are very pleased with the final result and it will be much easier to keep clean.  I did manage to do a good cut to my right thumb fairly late in the project and it is healing up nicely now.
We had two days of fairly serious rain.  Neighbour Daryl reports we received 1.6 inches of rain which is about one quarter the yearly total, I think.  Since yesterday was a dry day, I decided to go and finish geocaching the Florence Kelvin Highway.  I did most of it with the car and found the last 59 caches.  I enjoyed it more doing it by bicycle but there were just too many hills and it was only about 8-11C (46-52F) even though the sun was shining.  It was a long drive getting out to where I’d left off as there were several muddy spots left over from the storm.
We had Jacquie and Jim and Ken and Marie over two nights to play cards and we had good visiting and fun.   Jim and I loaded the ATVs onto his truck this afternoon.  Just after we’d finished, Jacquie came along and pointed out a nice slash in the sidewall of one of the rear tires on the truck so then we had to wrestle the spare off and change them.  We are leaving tomorrow morning taking our motor homes over to the Quartzsite area for a couple weeks or so.  We’re hoping to have internet for the whole time.  I bought a Wilson Sleek a while ago and while it did improve the signal strength, the tiny antenna needs help.  I ordered a Wilson Trucker Antenna which came a few days ago so we will give that a try.  I have heard good comments about that particular antenna dramatically increasing the signal so here’s hoping its true.

The area where I was geocaching yesterday.  If you look closely, you can see the buildings for the A Diamond Ranch.  They are fairly remote and it would be very quiet living there.  The Gila River runs through the notch between the hills

I'm always fascinated by the different colours in the mine slag piles

This is the bottom end of the huge Ray Mine

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  1. lovely flooring job - love it when it is all done, and that looks easy to clean and so bright!