Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Our two month stay in Cluxewe Campground ended today by packing up and moving back to my brother Charlie’s in Errington near Parksville, BC.  We will be keeping an eye on things here for the next few weeks while Charlie and Sheila are off canoeing up north. 
I added up the ATV trips last night and came up with thirteen days in June and five in July.  I’m not sure of the distance travelled but it must be well over a thousand kms.  We got to see some interesting country and some wild life.  We had fun geocaching several times and I may have to take up it up myself.   I did get to see all my cousins and aunt and uncle who live in the north island, but not as often as I thought I might.
A waterfall up the Kilpala logging road 

Mama Willow Grouse

Baby Willow Grouse


A different looking rock face.  I see a face on the right

A large landslide across our road

Up in the pea soup fog yesterday

I thought these tree stumps looked like gravestones in the fog

John grabbed some Yellow Cedar wood for our last campfire at Cluxewe last night

Some high elevation daisies

A bog flower

The temperature is a bit warmer than we’ve been used to.  It sounds like it will get quite a bit warmer over the weekend.  Aileen will be looking for cool.  She is the only one who enjoyed the cool north island weather.   Yesterday when John and I were up the mountain on the ATVs it was downright frigid.  We were in pea soup fog and it was damp enough to lay the dust in places.  The past two months were some of the poorest I’ve experienced in the mountains as far as visibility goes.  I wasn’t able to get any decent shots over the ocean to the mainland mountains which I had been hoping to do.  I wonder if it is just a run of bad luck weather wise or if it is pollution that is here to stay. 

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