Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We had our granddaughter Georgia visiting us until yesterday.  Her Dad came up Sunday and stayed overnight then they left after lunch.  She sure kept us on our toes the whole time.   Her appetite for reading has not diminished at all, but still prefers to listen rather than do the reading.  She really enjoyed all the blackberries we found.  The large Himalayan berries are ripe most places we’ve been.  I found Aileen and Georgia a good patch to work on while Richard and I did a bit of geocaching yesterday.  I was surprised the two were able to eat lunch afterward.
I’ve been out geocaching most days and so far have only been stumped on one.  It was rated as difficult for a reason.  I continue to be amazed at all the old roads and trails the geocaching has shown me.  I can also see why many people become sort of addicted to it.  It is certainly a good incentive to get more exercise.  More businesses should get onboard too.  We went to a little bookstore on a side road yesterday only because someone had placed a cache at their driveway.  Since our son, the English Prof, is heavily into books, he wanted to check it out.  He bought one for himself and a couple for Georgia so the store definitely benefitted from the exposure.  Later, we went to the Dutch Import Store because they had installed a cache and Richard bought some great Gouda cheese from them.
Charlie and Sheila arrived home last night so our tour of duty is over.   Time for a vacation!  We looked at their pictures and they sure travelled through some beautiful country on the Teslin and Yukon Rivers up in the Yukon.   Aileen and I hauled four loads of firewood with the ATV and an old trailer this morning from the long stack Charlie had drying along a fence into the woodshed.  The wood is really dry so we hope to get it all in before any appreciable rain.  We have to pull the living room slide in to get the trailer past as the motor home is parked on the only route to the woodshed.   Mitzy, of course, insists on riding back and forth on the ATV.  She turned nine this month and is starting to slow down a bit. 
Seven weeks from yesterday is our planned departure date for heading south this year.  I need to get cracking and get our travel health insurance in place.  It is quite the process.   The different companies vary so much in their quotes.  One company penalized Aileen for her MS over $1200.  Another penalized me over $300 for not having had a physical in two years.  So far, I haven’t found one company giving both of us decent rates.  We may end up dealing with separate companies for each of us.  One company said no problem with my having had Valley Fever as it was a onetime event.  Another company wanted to put me into a super high risk category for over a $1000 more.  Challenging!

Aileen's sister Anne spotted this little frog in a rose beside the house here

This nice spider web was in the Monkey Tree the other morning

The beautiful background is caused by the reflection in the dining room window 

Georgia and Aileen yesterday at the store with the geocache

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