Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Being a waterfall enthusiast, I was delighted to stop and spend some time at this waterfall near O'Connor Lake while John and Dennis searched for a geocache

John and Travyn going through a washout that stopped all regular vehicle traffic 

Playing in the snow

There was a geocache hidden in this face on the back of a hemlock tree

Sitting around the campfire in the evening.  From the left me, Mitzy (in her own chair wrapped in a blanket), Aileen, her sister Anne and brother in law John

Our sunset a few evenings ago

Looking across the ocean from Elephant Mtn near Beaver Cove

Looking down into Beaver Cove

Alert Bay on Cormorant Island from Elephant Mtn

Closeup of the little side bay in Beaver Cove which also has a log sort and booming grounds

Northland Power Chips and the Western Forest Products Log Sort in the Beaver Cove.  Telegraph Cove is the next little bay

Life has been very busy for me lately.  Most days John and I are out on the ATVs exploring new areas and sometimes looking for geocaches.  A couple days ago we took John’s son Dennis and grandson Travyn with us on the ATVs.  It seems most of our rides end up finding some snow.  In some of the protected areas on the north side of the mountain, the snow is still several feet deep.  We’ve been seeing quite a number of bears on our rides but it is nearly impossible to get pictures of them as they take only a couple of steps to disappear into the forest.
Aileen and Anne take turns creating culinary feasts for us.  John had much success finding crabs up the beach from us so we ate crab for days.  We eat outside whenever the weather permits and most evenings are spent around the campfire.  I’ve been able to show some of my photo shows to family and friends on our new 32 inch TV in the motor home.  We continue to work on my Mom’s diaries as time permits.  Aileen types them while I proof and print them.  Currently we are in 1994 and I have printed up to page 4,637!!!  That is one huge pile of typing!  We’ve managed to see all but a couple of our assorted relatives in this area so far.
Today has been quite wet so no ATVing or wandering about.  It was a good opportunity to go into the Port McNeill library for some books for Aileen.  I decided to make use of the trip to use the faster internet at the library to post this blog as I was unable to do so at the campsite.  I wondered if the wet weather had more people using the internet in the campsite as the service was very slow and didn’t want to accept most of the pictures even though I had four and five bars of reception.  

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  1. Love your photos of Beaver Cove (am getting ready to teach a class on the Crown Zellerbach case, and that is where the action takes place). some beautiful shots!