Thursday, June 21, 2012


On June 19, we went out along the road to Zeballos, a gravel logging road that winds through some beautiful mountain scenery before dropping down to sea level on the west coast of Northern Vancouver Island.  These are named Mason's Falls according to a sign alongside the road

The area gets a lot of rain and the high country gets many feet of snow.  It is still very deep on top

Another beautiful falls near the main road 

On June 20, we went to the top end of Bonanza Lake and drove as high as we could on the ATVs.  These pretty little May Flowers are June flowers as the snow just melted where they are growing on the edge of the logging slash

This large Yellow Cedar fell across the road and prevented us from going any further on that road.  If you look closely after clicking on the picture, you will notice the really flat spots where it was growing on solid rock.  The solid rock is why the root system is so shallow and the reason it couldn't hang on in the extreme wind

More carpets of Bunchberry

There were some nice little waterfalls hidden in the timber

I climbed up to the waterfalls while John was chopping this cedar tree off the road

Yet another cedar we had to whack pieces off so we could get by

An uneven creek crossing

New forest in abundance

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