Thursday, April 19, 2012


My computer locked up on me last week so I’ve been without until today.  It was too late to take it for repair on the Island so it had to wait til we got to Salmon Arm.  Two of my computer nephews looked at it on Saturday but they ran out of time.  I was really impressed with Chris at Lynx Computers.  I dropped it off yesterday and it was ready to go this morning.  My camera left Mississauga, Ontario at about 5 pm yesterday and it was delivered to me at Bev’s today just before 2 pm.  Amazing!
We moved down to Victoria (actually Sidney) on Sunday stopping in Duncan for Aileen to attend church.  I had a windshield wiper pack it in so tried in vain to find a replacement.  I finally did in Victoria on Monday after much searching.  I was able to get a pair of 28 inch to replace the 26 that were stock.  Because the windshield is so far ahead of the driver, it’s like looking through a tunnel so hopefully the longer ones will help.  The forecast for our drive to Salmon Arm was showers but we didn’t get a drop of rain so the wipers haven’t been tested yet.
We went for supper Sunday at the Fireside with Richard, Robin and Georgia and were joined by Robin’s parents.  We had a good visit there and with Richard and Georgia when they came to the campsite just after we had arrived.  Good lad that he is, Richard covered the bill for supper.  Thank you again!
Aileen had an another visit with the acupuncturist Monday afternoon.  We had lunch down on the wharf at The Fish Store and Aileen’s gluten free fish and chips were better than my regular ones.  I know which I’ll have next time.  We watched a couple seals that people were feeding off the dock.  We picked up friend Bev D and the three of us went to the Sauce Restaurant for supper.  Bev had a meeting after to attend so we headed home where I quickly assembled the wipers and installed them before dark.  Both the Sauce and Fireside provided excellent gluten free meals for Aileen.
We were up at 5:45 am Tuesday and on the road by 6:06 heading for the ferry.  I used my gold card for the first time and got free passage for myself.  Aileen still got half price with her card.  We stopped just after leaving the ferry to walk Mitzy and it was 9:00 when we got moving.  We ran into construction delays fairly soon and took over an hour to get out to the freeway.  We made a rest stop past Abbotsford then lunch was up the canyon in a wide turnout by a waterfall.  We made it to Jordan’s at White Lake about 4:35 and didn’t have a drop of rain the whole way.  We plan to be in this area a little over two weeks before heading down to Penticton for May 5th.
I have been putting more stuff into our storage shed, mostly from emptying the Arizona park model which we don’t think we’ll move back in to.  I have decided that it isn’t practical to pack around my matting and framing supplies since there hasn’t been much demand for anything.  Now just watch, I’ll probably be wanting to do some.
The view out the windshield at Oceanside RV Park, Sidney, BC

Along West Saanich Rd after supper Sunday night, hand held HDR

A Harbour Seal in Victoria

Float houses against the high rise backdrop

Lots of seaplanes use Victoria's Inner Harbour

A few daffodils mixed in with the native Easter Lilies at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria 

This crow had lots to say

This old peacock was running loose in Beacon Hill Park

All of today’s shots were taken with my Canon Rebel XTi and 28-135 lens. 


  1. It was great to see you and Aileen on the weekend John! Ava loved her visit with Mitzy! See you again when you are back on the Island!

  2. I must say that for YEARS now, I've been wondering if there's any way to move into that little green floathome at Fisherman's Wharf. It was for sale once, I remember: looks like such fun, that one.