Saturday, August 7, 2010


We’ve still been way too busy. We’re supposed to be retired, darn it! We had the carpet cleaner guy do the motor home before we got too much moved in. We’ve been packing our belongings across the yard and struggling to find meaningful homes for everything in the motor home. We don’t want to be spending too much time searching for stuff later. We finally made the move completely yesterday and totally emptied the trailer. Now it needs to be thoroughly cleaned in preparation for selling it.

In between times we’ve been to Merville and had the motor home extended warrantee transferred to us and spent quite a bit of time researching toweds both online and on the lot. We finally made our decision and today brought home a 2010 Honda CRV. There will be pictures some time, but not today. We are hoping we don’t have to set foot on another car lot for a looooong time! There is so much BS etc involved. We also had super high density foam put in our dinette cushions and that has made a tremendous difference. We have been doing little projects in the motor home to make things work better for us. We are finding that we are using nearly all of the available storage which is surprising as it appeared the motor home had way more storage than the trailer.

We had our first rain in a long while today and lots of it. It started before 3 AM and continued past noon. We’ve had a few light showers since. The rain was really needed as conditions were very dry and the forest fire smoke from the BC mainland has been very nasty here. The rain should clear the air for awhile. The forecast is for the warm weather to return as early as Tuesday with temperatures of 25+C which is over 80F.


  1. How do you plan to tow your quad now?

  2. Last I heard, the plan was to get a trailer to put the Honda and quad on, and tow that. Then, the Honda can tow the quad by itself or the motorhome can tow the Honda by itself. Did I miss anything?!