Friday, August 13, 2010


On Sunday I went to Nanaimo with Aileen who attended church. Mitzy and I walked along the seawall then along the Millstone River. I sat and read then til Aileen was ready. We went to Shanghai City Restaurant for lunch as I felt like Chinese. It seemed okay to start but we couldn’t get too far with the sweet and sour. Shortly after leaving I was feeling queasy and so was Aileen. Aileen couldn’t eat supper and I took it easy. I called the restaurant that night but they didn’t seem to recognize a problem. We’ll scratch that restaurant off our list or more likely add it to our avoid list.

I have been organizing and reorganizing the basement storage in the Terra. It is amazing how much we actually had in the trailer. We’ve been gathering information and pieces for improving the Terra. We bought 28 inch drawer glides as Charlie is going to build us drawers for under the dinette. I have made arrangements to have a tow bar mounted to the front of the Honda so it can be towed by the Terra. We are going to Campbell River on Saturday for Cousin Bill’s barbeque on Sunday. On Monday, we go just down the road to Arbutus to have the tow bar work done. On Tuesday, we are going back up to the North Island and Cluxewe campsite. I washed all the outside windows with Windex one day and that was quite a bit more of a chore than the trailer windows. There are way more windows and there are all very high. I have also been checking options for getting solar panels onto the Terra either by removing them from the trailer or going new.

I helped with the local Coombs Fall Fair set up a couple of evenings. Thursday I was helping organize the photo section as someone mentioned I was into photography. The photo section at this Fair is no where near as advanced as the Salmon Arm Fair which I was involved with for so many years.

Aileen has gone to a couple of evening palmistry workshops and has another tonight. On Wednesday morning, Mitzy went for her grooming and I went for my visit with the optometrist for a full examination. Fortunately everything checked out really good. Since I needed new glasses because mine are so scratched I will use the slightly changed prescription. It was very challenging yesterday selecting my new frames.
They kept trying to get me into the new style which is large and bold. I kept saying I want minimal frame, maximum visibility.

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