Saturday, June 5, 2010


The view from the point further along the campsite

The old road paralleling the ocean

Pulteney Point Lighthouse across from the Cluxewe campsite

Rock shelf beach

A Western Hemlock tree growing up around and old Western Red Cedar stump. Note the old sringboard notch from the original logging many years ago.

A couple of friendly ferns

High tide at the mouth of the Cluxewe river

On Wednesday Aileen and I went to town and wandered about. We had fish and chips out on the pier and they were very good again. We waited for something concrete to happen on our house, but all we got was verbal updates. The whole deal is quite complicated and reminds me of dominos. The people offering on ours have an offer on theirs but they have a clause saying that deal doesn’t go if their deal with us doesn’t go.

We headed off about 9:30 Thursday morning and were driving along Dogwood St when the realtor phoned. He emailed the revised offer to me and I put it on the thumb drive then we took it to Aileen’s cousin Tony at his workplace. He printed it off so we could sign it, then he witnessed it for us. Next he scanned it and emailed it back to our realtor. I checked to ensure he received it. He said it looked good so he would get his partner to take it up to the buyer’s for their signatures then he would email me the final copy. We’re still waiting for it on Saturday afternoon. I know the secretary is away this week so perhaps that is why things are so slow. He did email me yesterday to say he had everybody’s signatures. So, we’re still waiting for whatever. The subject to’s come off June 15th and closing is June 29th. At least we don’t have a long time to wait if the deal is going through. We should be able to do everything from a distance as we have nothing left in the house. We finally left Campbell River at 11:30 having used the sani dump and all the real estate related business.

We stopped at Big Tree rest area for lunch and a nap for Aileen. I had a short snooze myself. We had a mix of sun, cloud and rain all the way. Aileen talked to her sister Anne and we decided to stay at Cluxewe Campsite. Aileen paid for 28 days and got the monthly rate of $12.50 per day. We have to be out the morning of July 1st. We hope to go to some forestry campsites during our time here and plan to be at one for the July long weekend.

Aileen wanted to go see Anne so we headed in to town. Just about there and we met her headed out our way. I got gas while Aileen rode home with Anne out to the campsite. We three went for a nice walk in the sun when we got back. It was very pretty. We’d seen Anne’s husband and his biker buddies just north of Campbell River. They were on their way to Kamloops for a poker run.

We stayed here the whole day on Friday. It was a gorgeous morning so we walked out to the spit then Aileen went for a nap as she knew Anne and her grandkids were coming after lunch. I left Mitzy with her and went for a walk out the main road then down the side road paralleling the ocean. After while I came to a trail leading to the beach, which I took. It was a nice spot so I hung out awhile.

I walked back along the beach which turned out to be hard work as the rocks were so loose. I spent some of the afternoon editing pictures. Anne’s son Dennis and April came for supper which we had late to accommodate them. Anne supplied chicken breasts which I barbequed while Aileen did spuds and broccoli.

After Dennis, April and kids left, we went for a leisurely stroll out to the point. We sat around the campfire til bedtime when we returned.

Today started out cloudy but has turned onto a beautiful sunny day. I went to Port McNeill with Aileen and Anne this morning and we’ve been sitting in the sun in the campsite since lunch. As a matter of fact, I’m typing this out on my lawn chair keeping an eye out for cruise ships. One went by last night before supper but I saw it too late to get good pictures. The ships are on the Alaska run and some are very close to shore when they go by.

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  1. Aww, so peaceful it makes me quite envious! Not to mention, sunny and dry... lol! It's been a mite bit damp up here of late.

    Love the rock shelf - and the loving ferns, too!