Saturday, February 28, 2009


While the campsite wasn't pretty, the road puddles weren't bad. Stockton-Lodi RV Park

Near Bodega Bay, CA

Mitzy running off steam at Wright's Beach, CA

Wright's Beach,CA camping - we're the left one

We had quite a night. Mitzy was ill several times and very restless. From 2-4 AM none of us got much sleep. She started to perk up after lunch today. Aileen thinks she hoovered something on the beach yesterday morning. We got on the road about 10 this morning and have come 214 kms to just north of Brookings, Oregon. We are in Harris Beach State Park and are up on a bluff with the ocean across the road and 100-200 feet down. The weather has turned cloudy and there’s been a few spits of rain. Gas was $2.599 in CA and right across the border in Oregon it was $1.999! The girls are all enjoying a long afternoon nap making up for last night. Well the cat slept most of the night too but hey, a naps a nap.
We had an email from Wendy and Randy day before yesterday. They left Florence AZ 5:15 Monday and were home in Parksville just after noon on Thursday. They were surprised to find 4 inches of snow in Port Angeles Thursday morning when they awoke. They are a little faster travelers than us!
We were able to sign up for email for $4 for the day here so have been uploading pictures to the blog. They will of course be out of sequence with the text but it shouldn’t matter too much. The last blog before this will be the matching text.

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  1. Hey, I thought you had to leave the US by March 2....