Thursday, March 11, 2010


We had strong winds and some rain overnight and some snowflakes mixed in as well this morning. At least it was above freezing rather than -5C like yesterday. The snow line was not very far above us for much of the day. We went to Bev’s this morning so Aileen could do some laundry. I took the truck to get serviced. I had intended doing some work at the house but neglected to take a key so didn’t have to.
Aileen was meeting her friend Edna at the mall and I was going to sit in the library and wait but then I met my friend Doug so we went and had a drink and visit too, a few tables along from the ladies.

We met with a realtor yesterday and listed our house for sale. We don’t have any plans made for what we’ll do if it does sell. We’re working on a couple different strategies and awaiting further inspiration. I don’t intend to get too worked up until the house is actually sold. The market is rather difficult at present and it’s hard to know if our price point is too high. We listed a little higher than the realtor would have liked but perhaps the right buyer is waiting somewhere out there.