Tuesday, February 27, 2024


 I went for a ride with our friend Richard J yesterday with five other machines joining us.  We headed south from Florence and turned in by the Greek Monastery then worked our way south via old narrow roads/trails until we came out on the 96 Ranch Road just up from our motorhome.  We swung down and surprised Aileen with a visit.  She quite enjoyed seeing more friends.  We carried on for a rather long ride putting on at least 85 miles.  I quite enjoyed getting to see some trails and country that I had never been to before.

We moved out of our nice 96 Ranch Road spot this morning and stopped at Rancho Sonora to dump our tanks and take on more water before carrying on to our friends in Glendale again.  I will mention the reasons for coming here in my next post.   After Aileen had a good nap this afternoon we went grocery shopping as the fridge was getting rather bare.  It is now overflowing.  We hadn't shopped since leaving Glendale the last time.

I took this photo of an Antelope Ground Squirrel through the motorhome windshield at our 96 Ranch Road camp.

Hand held shot of the moon the night before full while at the ATV cookout.

Part of the Greek Monastery south of Florence, taken from another hilltop.

These ravens let us approach quite close as we were driving the ATV along a fence line trail.

96 Ranch Road camp scene.

ATV cookout fire.

Waiting for the parade to appear in Caliente last Saturday morning.  Four years since we were last there for it.

The ATV club made an effort this year to participate.  That was nice to see.

A large crested Saguaro on beyond the 96 Ranch buildings.

Interesting rocks between 96 Ranch and the Barkerville Road.

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