Saturday, February 17, 2024


We headed a little west of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area yesterday looking for more peaceful surroundings.  I unhooked the car just before I-10 on the Sun Valley Parkway and while Aileen had a nap I went looking for our new home.  I found us a spot about ten miles north of the I-10 freeway on the road to Wickenburg.  We have a few RVs about a quarter mile away but don't hear anything from them.  The road is very quiet at night so super peaceful.  

I did some geocaching on my own yesterday after we were set up then today Aileen drove while I got out and signed the geocache log sheets.  We had a good day starting after ten and quitting by three.  I found a few more close to home while Aileen had her nap.  I also dragged over some dead mesquite branches and later we had hotdogs for supper while sitting around the fire.  I think that was our first fire in over two years and our first mesquite cooked wieners since Covid screwed everything up.  I hope to get out caching again tomorrow then on Monday we have to move over to Quartzsite as we have an appointment to get a bit more done on our solar setup Tuesday.

While we were parked on the Sun Valley Parkway near I-10 yesterday. some planes were practising for the Tonopah Air Show that was on this weekend.

First a smiley face then a heart.

And then maybe a four leaf clover.

Sunset last night while we were out walking.

While we were caching this afternoon, I thought I saw a fruit tree in bloom.  When I walked over to check it out, I discovered it was some clematis in a mesquite tree.

The master chef preparing supper.

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