Sunday, March 3, 2024


We plan to move along from our friend's backyard in Glendale and spend some quiet time out in the desert.  We'll do some more geocaching too.  One of the reasons for this visit in Glendale was to attend the renewal of our friends wedding vows.  Another reason that tied in with that was getting the motorhome windows re-sealed.  The techs came to us and did the work onsite which worked out quite well.  Some of the windows were fogging badly and it was becoming a concern when driving with the driver's foggy window blocking the mirror.

We're hoping to swing by Grand Junction, CO on our way north to home but with the major winter storm currently lambasting some of the high country just north of us, we may have to wait a bit before heading that way.  Friends and family have been posting winter photos from Vancouver Island recently so we are feeling blessed to be in the valley of the sun, which Phoenix is part of.  I haven't taken many photos this time but here are a few showcasing our nice weather.

A plum, I was told.

Oranges ripe for picking.  I will grab some tomorrow since we were told to help ourselves.


Ray and Maggie's little pals, Sadie and Milo took part in the wedding.

I've been fortunate to have grapefruit given to me a couple times.  I had this one this morning and that's an eight inch plate.  They are very sweet.

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  1. Beautiful and Interesting Photos as usual.
    Congrats to your friends on renewing their vows.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Sun Valley.

    It's about time.