Sunday, June 26, 2022

ROAD TRIP JUNE 2022 Part 4


Blue-eyed Flowering Grass

Yellow Ladyslippers

Yellow Ladyslippers

I played with this Squirrel at the Moberly homestead

Mertensia (lungwort)


As we were walking up the road one evening, this chap was marching boldly down the road toward us.  When it seemed he was going to keep coming, we decided to retreat.  

He did turn off but we decided to keep retreating.  Good thing as a truck came along a bit later and he said there were two big bears there.

I scared up some ducks near the shore and while the ducklings took off across the pond, the mother did her best to lure me away.

Near Snaring campsite

Standing on the bridge at the outflow of Maligne Lake we watched some rainbow trout spawning.

Along the Maligne Road

Along the Maligne Road

Maligne River

Maligne River

Two Valley Creek, Maligne Rd

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