Wednesday, April 6, 2016


We have been in the Salmon Arm area for over a week after moving up from Penticton.  We have hopefully finished our appointments but we still have several people to visit.  Aileen has a celebration of life to attend tomorrow for an old friend.  I have one on Saturday for a long time co-worker and friend.   We've been visiting Bev and Kevin as time allows and Aileen has gotten together with several of her friends.  We had lunch with our longtime neighbour Bill and his new bride the other day.  They are 89 and 87 and still going strong.  Great to see.
I finally found my long lost scanner in storage the other day so have started to digitize some of my old photos.  That is why you are seeing a couple of old and really old ones of Aileen and I.  I have gathered some negs, slides and photos to work with over the next while but of course, I didn't find some of the negs I really wanted to scan.  They are buried in boxes that are in turn buried behind large furniture so there is a lot of effort required to get to them.  Maybe next time we visit.
We are still waiting to sign off on our income tax and hope to have that finalized so we can leave here next Thursday, April 14.  We are hoping to get together with Richard, Robin and Georgia in Victoria next weekend.  We plan to take Aileen's cousins Pat and Irene out for lunch while we are in the Victoria area also.  Projecting ahead, it seems we will be able to join our Escapees Club Chapter friends at their monthly lunch in Ladysmith, as that is the day we plan to be driving through there on our way up to my brother's in Errington.

I was pretty surprised to spot these Mountain Goats above Okanagan Lake as I was driving along the four lane.  I had to drive quite a ways to turn around then drive back to get onto a frontage road where I was able to park. 

These were about at the limit I could shoot with my long zoom on the Canon SX50

Ponderosa Pine bark detail


This Bald Eagle was trying to fish in the lake at Penticton but the Seagulls finally chased him away

Great Blue Heron at Salmon Arm waterfront

This little guy seemed to be telling me to not bother him

Aileen and I Spring 1991

Aileen and I October 7, 1967

This is where I turned around while geocaching the other day.  I had gone about 500 feet further but there was no dirt on the side to help me turn.

While geocaching in the rain yesterday, I was able to look down on where we are parked at Jacquie and Jim's.  That's us on the left.  Since I was standing at a geocache when I took this photo, I was able to use my GPS at the motor home this morning to determine that it was 2.44 kms from where I was shooting to the motor home.

I found a few Glacier Lilies in the rain yesterday