Saturday, April 16, 2016


I took my cameras and spent the morning out at Goldstream Park just north of Victoria.  After wandering up and down Goldstream Creek, I was looking down on the creek on the access bridge when Aileen's sister and her husband stopped.  That was a bit of a surprise since they live up near the other end of Vancouver Island.  They were on their way to visit an old friend in the Victoria hospital and stopped in at Goldstream to walk their dog.
We spent the afternoon with our granddaughter Georgia.  After visiting at their house for a while, we left Richard marking exam papers and took Georgia up to Mt Tolmie to view the beautiful display of Common Camas.  After that it was Granddad's chance to take Georgia to Dairy Queen where she and I had sundaes.   Richard cooked us a nice supper later and we got to visit with Robin, too. 

Niagara Falls in Goldstream Park near Victoria, BC.  These falls are 47.5 m tall (157 ft)

A huge old Cedar tree fell across the creek creating this cascade.

Goldstream Falls

Goldstream Creek

Georgia, Aileen and Mitzy in the Camas

Common Camas

Pacific Bleeding Heart, a wildflower

Hooker's Fairybells

Pacific Dogwood

Skunk Cabbage

Western Trillium

Fairy Slipper - Calypso Bulbosa

Common Camas

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