Thursday, June 4, 2015


Charlie and I went for a ride on our ATVs on Sunday.  This is looking down into Marshall Lake from the northwest

And this is Marshall Lake looking down from the southeast

We drove through quite a bit of active logging and this is an area that was hand felled by using a chainsaw.  The trees end up crisscrossing each other often causing breakage and it is harder to skid them.

Machine falling is gaining in use in this area and you can see that it is much neater

This is the machine being used here

The top part supports the tree, the middle part grabs it securely while the bottom is the part that does the actual cutting

This is the cutting head

We spent some time admiring the Middle Fork of Englishman River, if you look closely, you can see Charlie

Our daughter Bev and her business partner Karen, came for the weekend to attend a grooming conference in Courtenay.  We took them to Englishman River Falls Park after supper on Sunday.   This is the main Upper Falls.

The Upper Falls from the other side

I wanted to get a photo of Bev and the big fir trees.  Since the light was getting dim, I decided to do a triple exposure HDR exposure.  This was my third shot that happened to catch Bev's flash as she fired it for a photo of us.

This was the final result after I blended all three shots into one in the computer

This is also an HDR shot of Karen, on the left, and Bev

On a recent geocaching outing, I took a couple shots of the waterfalls on Nile Creek

This is a closeup of the upper falls in the above photo

And finally, this was taken last night in the pond behind the house and our motor home.  The sun was sneaking into the foreground while there were some very dark clouds in the background