Friday, June 12, 2015


This Fir hedge is right alongside our friend Bev D's garage and it was found that some of the local undesirables have been using it as a smoking room and who knows what else.  Rather than Bev hiring someone to take care of it, Aileen and I volunteered.

They had made an access at the corner nearest the garage

Here's how we solved the problem

All loaded up, that's Aileen and Bev resting in the background

Still looks good but not a hidey hole anymore

Canada Geese family eating eel grass at Qualicum Beach

Bald Eagle cruising over the beach 
A Belted Kingfisher looking for supper

This Belted Kingfisher is hovering above the water, when he spots a fish he dives straight down to grab it

This Bald Eagle was in a tree behind the motor home and house

Looking across to Chrome Island Light Station from the beach at Bowser

I think this is a young House Sparrow

Haying at Charlie and Sheila's.  Aileen is driving and her sister Anne who was pitching bales is passenger, Sheila far right and Charlie on the baler.   Anne's husband John and a couple of helpers are at the barn

The sun is dropping at Qualicum Beach

We've had lots of wind the past few days giving us some nice waves at the ocean

We have Richard and Georgia coming tomorrow for an overnight visit then on Monday we will move the motor home down Island to Chemainus Gardens RV Park for an Escapees rally with the local chapter.  When that ends on Friday morning, we haven't decided whether to came back here or go wandering a bit.

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