Thursday, June 19, 2014


It's daisy season around here 

The greeting committee as we came in the driveway from our walk the other morning

I spotted these daring young fellows while up on Little Mtn the other evening

Yes, it is dangerous.  Several people have died over the years. 

I went down to the Parksville street market Tuesday evening and there was a good crowd and lots of booths selling all sorts of stuff I didn't need

Yesterday, I went ATVing with a new friend, Ernie, who I met on the Alberni ride a couple weeks ago.  Away up the mountain we stumbled on this mountain bike course.  In the above photo, the bikers would be coming toward us.  Note the last upturn projects them onto the vertical wall then down onto the nearest ramp.

This is looking from the opposite direction with the vertical wall farthest away from us

Haven't figured out what this is yet but it is like a mold and is about 3 inches across.  Closest I can come is that it is a type of Slime Mold.  

A late blooming Fairy Slipper up on the mountain

We are keeping busy around here.  Aileen keeps up with the gardening while I do some lawn mowing.  I've been out and about with my cameras and finding a few geocaches.  A couple the other evening were down at the bottom of the high bank along the ocean but in separate locations.  Both were a strenuous access and gave me a cardio workout as well as jelly legs.  I went to Ladysmith with Charlie one day looking for a cargo box for the back of his ATV.   He dropped  me off to meet up with Aileen and friend Bev in Nanaimo on the way home.  I spent the afternoon with them.  The ladies both managed to find a pair of walking shoes and we had lunch at the Guilt Free Gluten Free deli store.   Lots of tasty food there!  We dropped Bev at the hospital to visit her mother for a while then headed home after picking her up.   Aileen was in for her second appointment at the dentist regarding her crown.  I think there is one more appointment.  That is one of the reasons for us hanging out here so long.  

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