Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I went ATVing with the Alberni club last Saturday and when we drove out on a river bar to stop for lunch, two fawns went skittering across.  One disappeared but this one posed for a few shots.

Finally, one of the guys spotted the other out in the open and had almost stepped on it.  He thought it was dead and was about to touch when I told him not to.  I could see that it was breathing.  It had just flung itself down in a natural instinctive move that really worked.  After we moved away, it waited a while then hopped up and disappeared.   It was fun getting out with the group but the nice weather we'd had made for terrible dust.

Yesterday, Aileen and I took friend Bev D over to Denman Island and we spotted this little family.  We had a great day over there exploring many of the back roads.  Most places we could stop for photos and not worry about traffic.  I found a few geocaches too just to make it interesting.

Wild Iris, which along with the rest of the shots, was taken on Denman Island

Red-naped Sapsucker

These two Bald Eagles were a pair.  I used my Canon SX50 on the tripod for this one and the two second self timer.   This was shot at the equivalent of 1800 mm as I took the optical zoom out to 1200 then used the digital zoom to go more.  This camera continues amaze me! 

This one was handheld but resting on the top of a chain link fence and shot at the maximum optical zoom of 1200 mm.

I had pre-visualized this shot using my Canon 6D and three separate exposures blended together to make an HDR image

This is Chrome Island Lighthouse off the bottom end of Denman Island.  It was something over a kilometre walk each way.   Right here is also where I got the sapsucker and eagle shots.

We had a little shower while we were waiting for the ferry to take us back to Vancouver Island

Looking across to Vancouver Island, time to go home.

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