Sunday, June 15, 2014


Charlie and I decided to go ride our ATVs regardless of the weather forecast.  Just before we turned off the highway, we spotted this weather phenomenon.  It was like a shaft coming out of the clouds, not arced like a rainbow.  Anyone have a name for it?  

We didn't get very far before we had to don our rain gear.  I'm glad to report my new rain wear kept me totally dry.  This is some active logging.  I don't know if this is the second or third time this area has been logged but it regrows fairly quickly. 

This is a few days old Willow Grouse chick

And this is Momma

We rode by some pretty creeks today

We were up a seldom used road and got to see this pair of deer.

This doe and fawn were across the creek from our road and posed long enough to get this shot

We were at the end of an abandoned logging road when I spotted this pair of shoes that had obviously been there for quite some time.

This is Esary Lake, our turn around point for today.  We spoke with a man and his young son who were fishing and he called it Lost Lake.  On Google Earth, it is called Esary.

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