Sunday, April 13, 2014


Well our time is up here on Vancouver Island for this trip.  We plan to catch the 10:15 ferry to the mainland in tomorrow morning.  My computer continues to keep running so keeping my fingers crossed it will keep going for a while longer.   I have been investigating computer options.  I keep hearing conflicting opinions regarding Windows 8 and have found it seems to be more expensive to find a computer running Windows 7.   I found a shop in Nanaimo that custom builds laptops and desktops.  Unfortunately, they don’t do 17 inch laptops which is my preference.  They have an all in one system that was interesting and also a Minnie desktop that mounts onto the back of a monitor creating the same as an all in one.  The only drawback, and it is a big one, is that except for the laptop they must be plugged in to a power source the whole time.  While I do have solar and a sufficient inverter for 110 power, I think it would likely draw too much power when our battery power is limited on cloudy days.  I certainly like the idea of a much larger screen.  Hopefully I will have another month or two to sort out my options.
I’ve had some type of cold or flu bug bothering me for the past week so haven’t been too energetic.  Aileen has gone walking without me.  Needless to say, the camera has been mostly idle.  Our plan tomorrow calls for us to make it about halfway to Salmon Arm staying the night at Canyon Alpine RV Park near Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon.   The day will be half over before we even get off the ferry.  We will leave here by 8 am but have to make a stop for gas as it is too much hassle trying to gas up the motor home in the lower mainland and it is usually far more expensive.  Then we have to get to the ferry plenty early as I don’t like throwing money away on a reservation.  We will also stop just before the ferry to unhook the car and drive on separately.  I have calculated that will save us at least $50.45 compared to driving on as one unit.  What causes the price to be so much higher is all over length is charged $6.10 per foot 
Our plans for the next month are pretty loose.  Our main reason for going to Salmon Arm right now is the need to get our income taxes completed and catch up on some medical appointments along with some business.  We hope to have that all wrapped up by the end of the month then are going to visit friends in Penticton for a few days before making a slower trip back to Vancouver Island where I imagine we will be until time to go south in October.  Aileen has volunteered to stay with her friend Bev’s Mom in Parksville while Bev gets a weekend away at a conference which is why we are coming back to the Island so soon.  Given that I’ve opened my mouth making even rudimentary plans, I don’t really expect it will all play out as suggested.  The big thing about our current lifestyle is the ability to change direction quickly when needed.  We may not always like that we have to, but we can.

Aileen is helping with a big yard sale at Sheila’s Mom’s house this weekend.  Ethel passed away some time ago so the house is on the market needing to be emptied.  Aileen took her friend Bev to several appointments this week.  Normally, Bev has to take a taxi which is pretty pricey so she was appreciating Aileen being able to help.  Although Bev does have a drivers licence, she doesn’t own a car as she has lived in downtown Victoria for many years where a car wasn’t required.

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