Monday, April 14, 2014


We were up and at ‘em early this morning.  Shortly before 7:30 we were hooked up and saying our farewells to Charlie and Sheila.  Thanks again for giving us a place to park!  After a visit to the Co-op gas station and leaving $285 at the pump, it was off to wait at the ferry.   We unhooked the car before buying our tickets and saved $69.25 by doing so.  Unbelieveable!!!!  The motorhome by itself with me as a half price senior was 170.50 and the car with Aileen was 71.90 totaling $242.40 whereas it would have cost $311.65 with the car attached.  There’s a good reason to have a motorhome and toad rather than a truck and trailer as long as someone can drive the car separately on and off the ferry.   That savings works out to about $415.50 per hour tax free given that it only takes about five minutes to unhook and five minutes to hook up.  However, there’s still that $242.40 you still have to pay.

We stopped at the rest area just beyond Abbotsford and contributed our share to the government by dumping our waste tanks there.  We arrived at Canyon Alpine RV Park just after 4 pm and are the only guests so far.  This splits the trip up nicely as we should be less than four hours driving to our destination tomorrow.   I think our next two weeks are going to be busy ones what with appointments, taxes and business.  We’ll be ready for a vacation!

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