Sunday, January 26, 2014


Winding down another year in Quartzsite, we'll be pulling out tomorrow morning heading back to Florence.  This has been by far the nicest weather year we've ever had here.  Just a few spits a couple times and not many cloudy days either.  Only a couple days that it touched the freezing mark, too.  
The past few days has seen a huge influx of RVs in all the camping areas but today there is a mass exodus.  It makes for an entertaining time watching all the comings and goings.  We're seeing a lot more ATVs running around this year.  It appears that RV sales were fairly good if the number of empty spots on the lots is any indication.  It seemed that sales in the big tent were doing pretty good also.  Lots of people leave there with packages.  Some years you would hardly see anyone carrying purchases away.  Overall though, the whole Quartzsite experience is shrinking.  Online sales are probably one culprit but I think less people are wanting to dry camp for more than a night or two.  Internet, TV and power consumption issues are maybe partly to blame.

Some of the area we walk in in the morning.  That's Q Mtn in the right center and our motor home is a kilometer beyond and to the right.

Still busy in the Big Tent on the last day

Northern Canada inviting visitors.  Alberta is next booth to the left.

And if that's not far enough from home, go to Europe

Lots of hucksters selling just about anything

Lots of purses in Tyson Well Flea Market

Taken from the motor home window yesterday morning


  1. Great site! Hi John, I'm trying to find an email address to contact you on. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Gosh, those desert pictures are superb! So glad you had fun in Q, and it was certainly our intention to meet up with you there.... We will again some day, our new friends.
    Perhaps at the SKP spring rally??? See, we are thinking positively...