Sunday, January 5, 2014


Not too far from us here in the desert, I noticed that Santa was hanging out just like us.  Obviously, it is just too cold to go back to the North Pole for a while yet.

Santa even brings a little car to take him and Mrs Claus into town for groceries since the reindeer are away somewhere on vacation too and there is nobody to pull the sleigh.

We were out for a walk one evening to this old stone cabin and I got the girls to pose for a picture.

The weather continues to be nicer than the past couple winters although we do have some more wind today but our day time temperatures are reaching the low 70's F.  We saw a touch of frost in one spot on our walk this morning.    
We went to the La Paz Market with Jacquie and Jim yesterday and all came away empty handed except for the ice cream cone I bought.  The crowd was larger than most times and there were lots of vendors but there was nothing we needed or desired, I guess.  We did stop in Parker for some groceries on the way back.

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