Tuesday, January 21, 2014


After the slow start on Saturday, the RV show in the big tent is getting much busier.  Aileen and I went over this morning and we only did a small part of the tent before heading for an exit.  Too crowded for some of us.  I will have to make another walk over there before we leave as there is something else I'm tempted to buy.
Jacquie and Aileen spent some time at the local Beall's store yesterday getting some bargains on senior's day.  I had gone in with Aileen Sunday evening and selected some socks for her to buy me which she did.  She managed to find some clothes that she liked too.  Jim and I went and finished up a geocache run we had started a few weeks ago. 

The bedroom of a higher end motor home

And the living room

Need a hat?


Fancy mobility scooters

Just about anything you could need and lots you don't!!!

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