Monday, October 28, 2013


We packed up to head down the road as we needed to dump the tanks for sure.  It was fairly windy driving south on Hwy 395 to the RV park where we dumped and Aileen got talking with a couple who told her the wind further south was going to be worse.  I went online and today was going to be the windiest but tomorrow would be much calmer.  With that information in hand, we decided to reclaim our spot in the Alabama Hills.  With many very strong wind gusts overnight we hadn’t slept all that well so it seemed like a good excuse for a rest day.  Since we don’t have a deadline like crossing the border, an extra day or two doesn’t matter much.  The beauty of travel plans set in jello!
After a good long nap for Aileen and both computer and reading time for me, we gave up waiting for the weather to improve and went for a drive.  It was pretty dull all day but got worse as the afternoon progressed.  We drove up the Horseshoe Meadows Rd which climbs rapidly as you’ll notice in the photo below.  We turned around at 9,583 feet elevation as the road started to go down and there was snow on the road.  It was -4C with a strong wind blowing so not too inviting when we got out for a few minutes.  I googled Horseshoe Meadows and apparently there is a huge meadow at the 10,000 foot elevation and several major trailheads going to various Sierra Nevada Mtn locations including the Pacific Crest Trail.  Perhaps if we get back here when the weather is a little better, we’ll drive to the end of the road.

We’ll see what the wind is doing in the morning before making our travel decision.  The weather will probably have some bearing as to where we stop tomorrow night.  We’re running the little Honda generator for a bit tonight to top up the batteries.   The forecast is for it to be frosty in the morning.  We already have the propane heater running so we’re cozy.   I get up and start it in the cool mornings then hop back into bed for a few minutes.

Here's a few more sunny shots from yesterday

Hi Georgia

Is it Yeti? or a Sasquatch?

Lone Pine Creek waterfalls

This is today at 9,583 feet

Looking back at the switchback road.  We were nearly 2,000 feet higher than what you can see as the road went around the far corner and headed away from the sidehill.