Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We packed lunch supplies, extra clothes and the required photo gear into the car and headed north up Hwy 395, destination Bodie Ghost Town.  It was close to 100 miles each way and the last three into Bodie were very rough gravel.  I was surprised how many buildings there were. I'm glad there were no more people than there were as it was fairly difficult at times to get shots without someone in the picture.  I gave up on lots of shots for that reason but, of course, I still took a lot.  We took the June Lake Loop road on the way home and there was some nice colour in the poplars along there.

This shot was taken a little ways behind our motor home this morning

Here are a few shots of Bodie

The firehall

Peeking in through a window

I was too tired to stop and work Mono Lake so contented myself with a few shots from the road

Along the June Lake Road

Aileen and Mitzy at Gull Lake