Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We decided to stay here at the Pit for at least another three days so we didn’t venture too far today.  We put the solar panels up to suck in more juice from the sun and hopefully equalize the batteries.  We also hooked up the Wilson Trucker Antenna and went from a weak 3G to a relatively strong 4G for the internet.  We did a few other things relative to settling in for a few days as well.
After Aileen gave me a much needed haircut, we went into Bishop for some groceries.  We were right out of fruit and nearly out of veggies so we got that taken care of.   We explored most of the town in the process.  It is very pretty with all the cottonwood trees glowing orange and yellow as well as some of the imported trees which have many vibrant colours on display.
I sat and read and enjoyed some downtime after lunch while Aileen had a nice nap.  Later we went for a short drive north and east from camp along a very washboardy road.  Even the Honda CRV was bouncing sideways at low speed, something I hadn’t had before and we’ve been on some pretty rough roads with it.  Luckily it went through to another road so we didn’t have to torture ourselves by retracing our way.  We made a loop through Bishop then home via Round Valley where the cottonwoods and poplar were dazzling in their fall finery.

Today was absolutely clear and hit 24C.  There was no hint of the possible clouds in the forecast.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Maybe we’ll go further afield in our explorations. 

First light this morning.  That's the Eastern Sierras in the background.  Our motor home is the farthest one on the right, just above the white trailer.  There were ten units in the whole camp this morning.

Here's a few of the colourful trees we saw today

Some neat looking rocks under the chalk cliffs

This was shot almost directly into the sun.  I used the car to block the sun by shooting out the passenger window from the driver's seat with Aileen having to lean way back.

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