Saturday, October 26, 2013


We were overwhelmed by young rambunctious climber types last night.  When we got up this morning there were 61 carloads of them in the campground and most cars contained several people.  Being happy and having fun translates into a fair bit of noise for those of us who seek peaceful surroundings.  Figuring tonight would be even noisier, this morning we put the solar panels down, the trucker antenna away and generally packed up to leave.  We made a couple stops in Bishop using the car before hooking it onto the motor home and heading south down 95.
After unhooking along the highway in Lone Pine, Aileen napped while I took the car and found us a spot for a couple nights.  We are only a couple miles up Whitney Portal Road which is paved and right in behind the big face on a rock.  People are continuously stopping for photos of it.  I took a short walk up behind us and tonight’s photos are the result.
I noticed that one of the bloggers I read was camped a couple miles up from us so later Aileen and I went and visited RV Sue.  She has a little Casita trailer like the one we used to have and so enjoyed.  I think we’ll probably stay a second night here then head for Florence, AZ.  I think we’re still 1,000 kms (600 miles) away.  We’ll probably break it up into three days driving.

Hi Georgia!

I thought this looked like an elephant walking toward me

This looked like a fat marmot turning his head

If you look really hard to the right of the foreground rock, you might spot our car and motor home


  1. DO love those hills, and you got some great photos of all the fun

  2. passing by Quartzsite later this week????

  3. Probably going past but via Bouse on highway 72 on Tuesday. Where were you going to be or would you be later in the week?