Saturday, December 10, 2011


Our life continues to whiz by at a rapid pace.   We’ve been having some pretty cool weather so the swimming pools went from too warm to too cold in a couple of days.  We had several frosty days in a row and in fact, some of the mornings were cooler than Salmon Arm up in BC.   Where I used to hunt for the coolest pool, lately I’ve been searching for one that’s warm enough.   I’ve been monitoring all four pools since November 14 and Aileen has been working on a letter to the board of directors requesting that one of the pools be regulated at a temperature no higher than 86-88F.  We’ve been getting strong support from quite a few residents.
I’ve been riding my ATV only two days a week mostly this season and finding myself the leader a few times.  My Uncle Jim found a deal on an ATV the other day and it is almost identical to mine, same colour and year etc.  We went on a ride up the Gila River on Thursday which may be our last river ride for some time.  The river had been nearly dry except for a few pools but has now begun to flow again.  I was leading the group and got myself stuck for the first time.  We managed to get on a trail and move a few miles further upriver then were able to ride in the river for some distance.  A couple of our riders are interested in searching for gold, so being a small group, we were able to indulge their passion.
We went to supper with friends one night and played a couple games of SkipBo then had other friends over another night.  I played some of my photo shows to them until their eyes glazed over.  We’ve been a couple times to Casa Grande and to the Mesa Market.   We’ve been to ATV happy hours the past two Wednesdays and they are a good time.  One night we were just finished covering pool 4 when we heard a large crash and some wailing then hollering.  A lady on her return from bingo, had fallen up the steps and banged her head on the bottom of the sliding door.  Her daughter came running from up the street and got there just after me.  Apparently this is a too common occurrence lately.  I couldn’t see any marks but suggested they ice both the forehead and her right shin which she banged on the step.   That was enough excitement for me.
Tomorrow we have a going away party for an Alberta couple who have been here a couple months and are going home for Christmas.  Sometime after New Year’s, they are going to their property in Mexico for the balance of the winter.  It’s a rough life!   Monday night is the ATV potluck for which Aileen is cooking a gluten free turkey and Wednesday night is another ATV happy hour. Then there is probably rides Tuesday and Thursday.  Aileen has a couple of Caliente Clown meetings and a Celiac support group meeting.  Did I mention we lead a rather busy life?

On December 1 we had a nice little dust storm. This is out behind our park

Some of went riding December 1 and it was quite pleasant where we were until mid afternoon when the dust started coming again.  We are approaching the top of what is called the Little Spline

On December 6 we went by some petroglyphs

The Thumb is on the left, some of the country we ride through

Just above Box Canyon

Close up of the above photo

I got stuck.  It was too steep and muddy to climb out.  Photo by Jim Jordan

We're moving!  Photo by Jim Jordan

One of our riding trails along the south side of South Butte

This unique area is just to the right of the above photo and I've never seen any other similar landscape in this region

Dave checking the contents of Jim's pan

Eureka!  Can you see the tiny speck of gold?

Riding up the river.  There are no fish or anything to worry about and the river dries up a few miles below us.  When they eventually let water out of the Coolidge Dam many miles upstream, all the water will be channeled into an irrigation canal


  1. Looks like a lot of ATV fun! Good for you guys!

  2. We really enjoyed the petroglyphs. Looks you are having a lot of fun:)