Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This has been a longer gap than normal as I have been procrastinating.  Life here has been just too busy and I’ve been enjoying having a well stocked library in the park.  We’re both reading more than we have in recent years.  We were shocked to hear of the passing of our good friend Carole on November 22 at the age of 67.  That’s young these days!  We’re not sure of the cause yet but it appears to be complications from her diabetes.  She was only ill a day and a half before suddenly going.  She was one of my best photo pals and enjoyed going out shooting with me whenever we could get together.  She was the glue holding together the regional photographic council in the Okanagan as she had taken over the chair when I left to wander.  Aileen and I always enjoyed getting together with Carole and her longtime partner Bev.  Another person who didn’t get to enjoy a long retirement.  So sad!
I walk Mitzy for an hour most days I don’t go ATVing and for half an hour on those days I do, usually out in the desert behind the park.   I try to fit in at least half an hour riding my pedal bike as well.  I also walk to all four swimming pools each night after supper recording the pool temperature.  We are going to write a letter to the board to see if one pool could be kept at a cooler temperature for swimming and exercising.  Some of the pools have been in hot tub range reaching 98F.
We enjoyed a great turkey supper last Thursday for the American Thanksgiving.  Aileen did the turkey, potatoes, gravy and cole slaw while Marie did buns, green beans and marshmallow yams.  Aileen also made a pumpkin pie from scratch.  Supper was delicious.  Jacquie (my aunt) and Jim and friends Ken and Marie joined us.  We had a game of Mexican train later won by Ken.   Aileen went with Marie to some Black Friday shopping in Casa Grande but didn’t buy much except some items for needy kids in the area.
I washed the motor home one day and did the outside of the windows another.  I washed the car on our back lot another day and was appalled how filthy our water is here.  I rinsed the soap off and shammied the car but there was still lots of muddy streaks on the glass.  I don’t have a filter on the outside tap.  I spent much of my free time on Saturday putting up Christmas decorations.  I missed several days of ATV riding as my machine was in the shop for service which gave me more time to do these projects.  Aileen has been busy cleaning both the motor home and park model.  She did quite a bit of typing for the park newspaper and both of us were part of the proofing team.
We went with Jacquie and Jim to the Mesa Market which is a huge covered sales area about 30 miles from here.  We all bought a few items.   Later, I managed to listen to part of the jam session which my sister Wendy was playing in here in our park.  There was some good music to enjoy.
I spent a few hours on two occasions giving some one on one instruction in Photo Shop Elements to our friend Selma.  I enjoy helping people learn new things like that.  Yesterday was my first ATV ride in a week and a half and I hope to get out with the group again tomorrow. 
We were off to Casa Grande for the morning shopping and looking.  I made some fridge magnets and used up the magnetic adhesive material I bought at Michael’s a couple years ago.  I managed to get the last three sheets at Michael’s today and found a larger roll which I hope will work, as it is cheaper.  Using this material allows me to print on high quality photo paper which I adhere to the magnetic backing.  I tried using the magnetic printing material but the colours get lost in the dull surface.   The result bears no resemblance to my original photo.  Tonight we went to an ATV club happy hour/supper over in Sun City which is about ten miles west of us.  There was a good turnout and we had a good time.    

The old ranch house at the 96 Ranch where we went on our ride yesterday

The fireplace in the above house

A new Crown Saguaro for me near the 96 Ranch

This nearly expired Saguaro looks like it should be on Easter Island

Can you see the laughing camel in the side view of the Crown Saguaro?

Beauty and the Beast


  1. We love the Mesa Marketplace. It's a good place to walk and walk and walk. We loaded up our ATVs from our park in Gold Canyon. It was a good place for a while and gave us an opportunity to learn alot about our ATVs and riding in the area. Now we're on our way to "Q" once the storm in the West dies down. We're hoping to get a lot more riding down in that area.

  2. So sorry about the loss of your good friend. Very sudden indeed. Loved the pictures of the Saguaro, especially the one from Easter Island. Isn't it great to get out and see things!

  3. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, and yes, 67 does seem young these days. WE loved the pic's of the Saguaro- and especially the differences in their life spans.

  4. Terrific blog. Glad I found it! Now a follower.