Sunday, October 16, 2011


Aileen helped me load the scooter rack before she walked over to church this morning.  I got the outside packed up and the scooter loaded then finished up getting ready to travel.  I took the motor home over for gas and cleaned the windshield then parked it on the road in front of the church.  I walked Mitzy through the dog park then around the upper loop before getting the car and taking it out to hook up.   I had a few minutes to rest before Aileen came along and we could hit the road.
                We stopped for lunch at West Creek rest area, somewhere before Gateway.  We stopped at the Historic Flume which was quite the feat to build back in 1888.  We got to High Country RV Park in Naturita, CO about 4 hours after leaving Grand Junction.  It was only 166 kms but we stopped a few times for pictures and lunch and we poked along admiring the beautiful Dolores Canyon which was quite twisty.  We didn’t expect to have internet but we are picking it up from the library or visitor’s center.  The RV park is nearly empty.  One guy is tenting.  He finally got an elk draw after eight years of trying and managed to get his bull this morning.  We plan to stay a couple nights and do some exploring tomorrow from here.
                After getting the motor home set up and the scooter off loaded from the car, I went back about 15 miles to shoot some nice colour along the San Miquel River.  We went for a walk along main street after supper.  I peeked in the little grocery store and was surprised to find most of their prices much lower than Grand Junction Walmart, Safeway and City Market.  How can that be when this near ghost town is miles from anywhere?  

On the way to Gateway, CO.  The orange is Scrub Oak

West Creek Picnic Area

Remnants of the Hanging Flume

Close up detail of above image

Reflections in a muddy creek

The San Miquel River near Naturita

The San Miquel River near Naturita

The San Miquel River near Naturita