Thursday, October 20, 2011


We took a drive over to Mesa Verde this morning since we are only about 20 miles from the entrance and our yearly national parks pass is good til the end of this month.  The lighting was difficult with the sun and shadow but we did what we could with it.
We came home through Mancos just for some different scenery.  Aileen managed a nap after we returned home while I started packing stuff up for our move tomorrow.  We plan to move over to Goosenecks  State Park in Utah where we hope to dry camp for a few days.  We need some down time, or at least quieter time.  This will be the last blog for a few days, I expect, since there is no free internet anywhere in the area that I know of.  If we’re day tripping somewhere bigger, perhaps I’ll take the laptop along just in case.  We haven’t come up with a route south to Florence after we leave Goosenecks, yet.  We’ll decide when the time comes based on the weather, mostly. 

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