Wednesday, April 1, 2009


North east from Union Bay

South east from Union Bay, Mt Arrowsmith in centre

Birthday girl Sheila

Our snowy home

Mitzy actually likes the snow, specially rooting in it like a little pig------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mar 29, 2009
We went to Sunwest RV in Courtenay this morning (Sunday) for a workshop on solar panels and battery care. While not all that well presented, we did pick up a few points that we had been missing. Aileen’s sister Anne and John were there and we toured new RVs with them later. When we finished that, we walked the dogs then went to Billy Ds for a late lunch. Mid afternoon Anne and John headed home to Port MacNeill. I tried calling my aunt Isobel a couple times but no answer. We picked up a few groceries and wandered homeward.
I made a few prints to limber up my printer and helped Chas load some cabinets before we had a really late supper. I helped Sheila move some photos around on her computer before bedtime.
April 1
Monday was Sheila’s birthday. She is now the same age as Chas until today when he turns 51. Aileen had ordered a cake the other day so I picked it up mid afternoon. Chas ordered Thai food for supper which Garrett picked up. 35 people came for supper and a good time was had; and the food didn’t all go! There was enough for Logan’s breakfast when he had to head for Comox airport at 4:30 AM to head back to Fort McMurray for work and for our lunch. Chas and Sheila had snow to contend with part way there and all the way back. We had over an inch here. We’ve been dodging it for a month here on the Island so now that it got us, maybe Spring will come.
Our social engagement calendar is still busy. Supper is with Janet and John tonight, Aileen cooking supper for Chas and Sheila tomorrow and supper with Randy and Wendy soon. I think we will depart this area and perhaps the Island itself around the middle of next week.
This morning with the snow and then rain and wind was a good time to stay in so I took the opportunity to do the online banking and the dreaded chequebooks. I was just done when Chas invited us in for supper leftovers and the last four pieces of cake for lunch. The snow has completely disappeared this afternoon but it continues windy.

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