Saturday, April 18, 2009


We left Hope around 8 AM Sunday and drove the Fraser Canyon highway rather than the higher elevation Coquihalla. Even if the roads were bare, the Coq would get us far dirtier. We arrived in the Shuswap about 2 PM and are set up at my Aunt Jacquie and Jim’s place in Tappen.
On Monday we washed the truck and trailer courtesy of Jim’s pressure washer then went to our daughter Bev’s later to do some laundry and gather our mail. Bev had done an awesome job of sorting and organizing all our mail so just the essentials were left for us. I’ve gone through and pulled out the income tax stuff so have to get that taken care of asap.
Tuesday was a whirlwind running about doing errands. I helped Jim with a clean up fire before heading to town. Mitzy had her haircut with Bev at the SPCA at noon. Aileen has made dentist and doctor appointments. I made a truck appointment plus many other things. We drove past our house and visited several of the neighbours on the street. Bought groceries before picking up Mitzy at 4:30.
Here it is Saturday and we’ve been busy. Mitzy claims to be really cold with her new short hair but looks much better. She certainly doesn’t soak up the water like she did so it’s much easier to dry her off. Friday was a very wet morning which was a shock after the gorgeous day we had Thursday. The sun is beginning to shine today. Aileen had her visit with the dentist and she was pleasantly surprised at his diagnosis on her tooth. The Arizona dentist said it was an emergency situation and needed a root canal, bridge, crown or whatever immediately; the Salmon Arm dentist said it should be just fine for years with the filling applied in Arizona. Go figure!
I took the truck for a service on Friday and it was to be ready at noon. I spent 9-2 at the mall then got a ride back to the dealer and waited until 2:45 before it was ready. Good thing I’m retired and Aileen stayed at home (wise girl). I was very surprised that I only met two people I knew at the mall in the 5 hours I was there. I did several errands after retrieving the truck and then it was nearly supper time when I returned home. We played Mexican Train after supper with Jacquie and Jim. As usual, Jacquie won and I, honest scorekeeper that I am, was last.
We had the trailer in the shop all day Wednesday and they went over the whole solar panel system. They rewired part of it so we can more accurately determine our power usage and replaced the regulator. So far we seem to be doing better so perhaps the regulator was defective, as they believed. We’ve refrained from plugging in so we can give the system a good test. We’re beginning to wonder if Jim’s yard light, right above us, is actually charging us at night as we don’t seem to be dropping the batteries much overnight.
No pictures this time. Haven’t had the camera out since the heron shots.

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